Meeting and presentation. Advocacy: Biodiversity, Loss, and Photography in the Bayou. Artist talk by photographer and educator Eddie Lanieri

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Sunday, May 19th, 2024
to (Central Time)
White Pelican Gym, Court 3 at Pelican Park, 63350 Pelican Dr, Mandeville, LA, 70448 Map

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Meeting and presentation. 

Dive into the depths of Southeast Louisiana's bayou with artist Eddie Lanieri. Discover "Reliquary of the Bayou," a research grant funded by Platforms Fund Art, . This Photography project explores the interaction of art, environmental crisis, and community advocacy. Antenna Gallery

Bio: Eddie Lanieri (Long Island, NY) currently works as a photography-based artist in NOLA. Lanieri's academic background in anthropology, with specializations in forensic anthropology and funerary archaeology, deeply informs her nuanced interpretation of grief and loss. Lanieri's notable contributions to the field have been recognized with a fellowship at the Salzburg Global Seminar and a 2023-24 Platforms Research Grant. Her work has been supported by prestigious organizations such as the Mellon Foundation and the Louisiana State Division of the ARts. Her projects and series have been featured in esteemed venues including the Lucie Foundation, The center for Fine ARt Photography, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, the Lowe Museum and The Contemporary Arts Center of New Orleans. Her art is held in both private and public collections.

"Reliquary of the Bayou," employs Polaroid film maniulations, photographic destruction and chemical treatments to explore the environmental crisis impacting Southeast Louisiana's biodiversity. This work, which sits at the intersection of art and environmental advocacy, encapsulates the fragile interplay between life and death and acts as a poignant reflection on habitat destruction, climate change and invasive species. It is through this lens of artistic resistance and remembrance that Lanieri engages communities in dialogues around the legacies of place, loss and the critical environmental challenges facing the Gulf Coast.

"Reliquary of the Bayou" casts native species as poignant emblems of shared grief. By disrupting the delicate emulsion, Lanieri wants that loss to be part of the image-making process. These spectral fragments, unpredicatbly in their final form, become poignant witnesses to what remains, what is on the verge of being lost and the consequences of environmental degradation.

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